Frequently Asked Questions



Do I have to sign a binding contract to sign up for Choice Broadband service?

No Choice Broadband has no binding contracts and no hidden fees. We fully disclose what you are buying when you are buying it and how much it costs.

How do I pay?

You pre-pay monthly for your service with a credit or debit card that is associated with your Operator account. As a customer you can check your current account status by logging in to your account where you can see your services, your payment history and the next billing date.

What are the data usage limits for Unlimited Premium™?

There are no limits! Choice Broadband offers Unlimited Premium Internet service – one flat monthly fee for all the broadband Internet you can use!

Setup and Security


How do I set it up?

No matter what service you have chosen unlimited Premium Fixed, Extra or Magnum, your service may require an outdoor modem (router required). This will depend on where you are located in relation to the signal. The outdoor modem will be placed on the outside of your house with a cable pulled inside modem. This outdoor modem wire will connect to your router. The antenna will be pointed toward the base station which will communicate wireless broadband Internet to you. A professional installer will do this for you.

How secure is it to surf on the network?

Your connection is very secure. We use 4G state-of-the-art security protocols that protect your communication with the Internet. These are activated automatically and are operating at all times. No one else can “listen in” to your Internet connection



Coverage and Equipment


How do I know if I am in the coverage area?

Call office for availability in your area. Our system will determine if you are in coverage. You will get a message if you are not, and if you are you will proceed to pick out services. You can also call us at  432-614-4400 and we will check for you.

Can I expand my fixed service to cover my entire home/business?

Yes you can with an, outdoor modem device that you connect to an indoor router. The internet modem is outdoor only, this device extends to exterior of your home. A separate wireless router purchase will be necessary. All Un Premium Fixed services includes professional installation.

What types of devices can I use on the network?

With the modem you can use any type of device with Wi-Fi capabilities (computers, smart phones, iPhones, Android devices, tablets etc.).

How do I get my [Choice Broadband] device?

Customer can not move device themselves, must call in to office to have technician roll out  and move.

Is your service affected by the weather?

Weather has no effect on Choice Broadband.

We go to a warmer climate during the winter. Can I suspend my service?

Yes you can! We offer a vacation package that keeps your account active for a low nominal charge for as long as you are gone. Just call us at 432-614-4400 to arrange a vacation package. There is no other service charge or hidden fees and you can apply any existing prepaid active service to the vacation service charge. During this time, your modem should be turned off. You will be unable to use the Internet until you call us and reactivate your service.

Does your service still work during a power outage?

The network is built to the same high standards as other commercial service providers such as cellular and telephone networks. We have our own battery and standby power sources to keep the network running.

We do not supply a backup power source for the outdoor modem at your home. If you do have an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for your computer system, be sure to have power adapter plugged into the UPS power as well. Then, your Internet connection should be good to go as long as the UPS is active. Our outdoor modem draws less than 30 watts. Your USB modem will work as long as the computer itself.




I can’t connect to the network at all.

If you have an outdoor modem, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure your device is powered on at the AC Power adaptor.

  • Reset your indoor router device

  • Make sure that the cable coming from the modem on the outside of your house is attached to the AC power adapter inside the house/building.

  • Make sure that you have active service. It may be as simple as updating your payment on file. If you have access to another Internet connection, log in to your account on and make a payment or call us at 432-614-4400 and we will help you solve the problem.

  • Change the position of your computer. Wireless signals travels through the air and sometimes physical obstructions can interfere with the signal. Near a window may be the best place to be.

  • If you have access to a different Internet connection, make sure you are in coverage area by entering your current service address at or call us at 432-614-4400 and we will check for you.

  • •Make sure that you have active service. It may be as simple as updating your payment on file. If you have access to another Internet connection, log in to your account on and make a payment or call us at 432-614-4400 and we will help you solve the problem.

  • Follow the troubleshooting guide that was provide at installation

  • If none of this fixes your problem – call us, 432-614-4400!

I can connect, but I just get a web page saying that there is a problem with my account. What does that mean?

Often, the problem is minor, maybe your credit card on file has expired. Either login to your account or update payment information on file, or just call us at 432-614-4400 and we can get your service going again in no time!

My service is slower than normal, what should I do?

There are many factors that may impact your connection speed, including type of browser or operating system, overall network traffic, time of day, additional background applications already running (e.g. streaming media, downloading large files).

If you are experiencing consistently slower connection speeds, make sure that all of your connection and security software is up to date.

Run the standard maintenance programs for your PC, including scanning for viruses, spyware and malware. To keep your PC running at its best, we recommended that you perform this maintenance every 30 days.


Email account


How can I get an email address?

Choice Broadband does not provide email addresses. We recommend that you get a free email address from Google, Yahoo, Hotmail etc., as your personalised email address wherever you are in the world. Search one of these links to set up your email address –





How do I get my bill?

You will not get a traditional bill, instead you will see your charges when you log in to your account and click on the “My Services” tab. You will be charged for all your services the same date every month. The date is determined by the date that your Unlimited Premium service was first activated – not when it was ordered.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Just call us at 432-614-4400 and we will cancel your service. If you are a Unlimited Premium Fixed subscriber, we will make arrangements to come and uninstall the outdoor modem.